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Mahzabin Haque, Boris Abramovic, and Gohar Vardanyan
Alek Sarna (PL)

Topography of Bodily Transformations' is a project that centers around the realm of artistic manipulation and/or transformation of body movements and expressions extending from physical to digital. It attempts to create a space for the spectator to navigate the transformed or translated artistic scopes. In a world mediated by technology, where virtual and physical borders are becoming blurred, artists internalize, mediate and experiment across different dimensions of the body.The viewers are invited to explore the artistic process, where they encounter a unique interplay of manual, organic, and technological spheres that call for interactions and responses. Each of these works interprets body forms as variable and portable across the media and systems. Through translation of body structures and gestures - from manual contact with clay to the VR experience and organic particles to an enlarged digital landscape - the body becomes fluid across the boundaries of expression and imagination. From the recreation of "hidden" self-portraits and futuristic utopian spaces to the reenactment of events from memory to ambiance - these artists create their own aesthetic and technological contexts.Overall, this exhibition is a space where all the works are intertwined into heterogeneous systems between organic and virtual. In these systems, artists communicate through their own bodies, which becomes the point of interaction between artist and viewer, creating a shared experience.

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