The Ágape

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Human senses play a vital role in shaping our understanding of“reality” and sculpting individual identities as we navigate the world. In anera when humans' relationship with nature is facing unprecedented challenges,understanding and reconnecting with nature through our senses is vital.

The Ágape offers a unique multidisciplinary, immersive, and embodied experiencethat reconnects us with the beauty of our own sensory nature by exploring theintricate sensory mechanisms that make us human. By delving into the profoundinterplay between our senses and the psyche, participants are encouraged toappreciate the beauty and complexity of our own nature throughmultidisciplinary, immersive, and embodied experiences that blur the boundariesof art and neuroscience.

The Ágape promotes interdisciplinary understanding, fosters a deeper sense ofappreciation, care, and responsibility for the environment by embodyingknowledge as a collective and transformative practice, and builds a sense ofcommunity among participants. Individuals are not only invited to explore theirown sensory experiences but also to connect with others who share a passion forthe harmonious intersection of art, science, and the human experience.


EDGE Neuroscience & Art e.Vis thrilled to present The Ágape, which is the celebration of a six-chapterworkshop series called Sensoriality: Art & Neuroscience ThroughOur Senses. The workshops took place between July - November 2023 andexplored six classic perceptive systems - visual, olfactory, gustatory, auditory, somatosensory, and proprioception.


EDGE Neuroscience & Art e.V isa non-profit and volunteer-based organization with 100+ international membersincluding artists, scientists, scholars, cultural professionals, and members ofthe public. Our mission is to bridge the gap between art and neurosciencethrough a blend of in-person and virtual meet-ups, workshops, and exhibitions,making science accessible to all. As a volunteer-driven collective, EDGEheavily relies on the unwavering and passionate contribution of it’s members.While we have received valuable sponsorships for some events, our core strengthlies in the collaborative efforts of our community members. Whether or notexternal sponsorships are in play, we bring our events to life with the help ofour members.


The exhibition was curated by Mahzabin Haquein collaboration with colleagues from EDGE Neuroscience & Art e.V.

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