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Amidstthe tapestry of existence, we yearn to ascend beyond the realms of the known .. .

Ourspirit extends in a silent cosmic plea to touch the infinite . . .

Eachmoment is a revelation as we embrace the unknown . . .

Infinite,we become, in the universe we’ve flown . . .



In an increasingly interconnected yetoften disconcertingly disconnected world, ‘Transcendence’ invites us to exploreuncharted territories within ourselves and the more expansive universe. It is aspace where the realms of art, consciousness, and sensorial experience(s)converge, orchestrating a harmonious symphony of creativity while encouragingus to embrace the enigmatic.


In the vast realm of humanexperience(s), the notion of transcendence has perpetually entranced the humanspirit. It extends an invitation to look beyond the mundane's confines, delveinto the ineffable, and aspire to a higher plane of existence.


Whether you find resonance in the poeticverses of Rumi, the philosophical musings of Camus, or the cosmic voyagesenvisioned by Arthur C. Clarke, this exhibition encapsulates a diverse array ofvoices and perspectives on the theme of transcendence. Its mission is toilluminate the universal yearning that binds humanity together - the ambitionto transcend our perceived boundaries, to touch the sublime, and to soar beyondthe confines of our lived reality.


Visitors to this exhibition areencouraged to explore a rich tapestry of artistic styles, mediums, andviewpoints. From the bold brushstrokes that defy the limitations of the canvasto the intricate details of realism, which invite us into deeply personalworlds, each piece mirrors the artist’s journey, whether it’s a journey within,or an exploration of the outer world. Within the framework of this exhibition,you will find representations of their individual and collective experience(s),exploration of the self, and revelations are represented within the frameworkof this exhibition.  


Transcendence is an exhibition with the outcome of an eight-weektransdisciplinary residency program organized by Flusslab. Seven artists fromArgentina, Belarus, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Mexico were invited to come toCoswig (Anh.) and realize a new project in situ. How different settings andsurroundings change one’s perception, thoughts, and behavior was the backdropidea of the residency. In other words, the symbiotic relationship between thespace and oneself and how they impact each other.


We invite you to immerse yourself inthese fleeting echoes, to draw inspiration from the multitude of artisticvoices, and to witness the transformative impact of an eight-week odyssey.

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