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Mahzabin Haque (BD), Cima Azzam (DXB), Raffaella M. Matrone (IT), Liudmila Kirsanova (RU), Adelina Luft (RO), Theresa Kneppers (USA), Evelin Pal (HU), Gabrielle Tosi (IT), Katarzyna Sobucka (PL), Aviya Cohen (IL).
Gašper Kunšič, Sarah Pedde, Martin Schlögl, Stephan Genser, Anna Lerchbaumer, Živa Drvarič, Hui Ye (CN), Marit Wolters (DE).

I WAS HERE TOMORROW features a selection of works by eight young artists, exploring their different effects, possibilities, and dynamics that are opened by the gesture of repetition. Such artistic inquiries led by ongoing processes of adaptation and manipulation are enacted through repetitive strategies that coalesce towards larger statements by meticulously adding up small-scale interferences and gestures. However, the goal of these processes is not the emphasis of the works. Instead, it stands looming in an unreachable future. Always escaping the horizon of accessible grasp. The familiarity of a repeated image does not standardize the process. But rather highlights the importance of the action itself. On which the artists shift attention instead of focusing on the end product. The processes of restatement become rituals obsessed with time, consumerism, and identity. While the physical objects - the artworks - take the role of residues. Testaments to the ritualistic process that evoked them. Memory is reconnected with its embodied material. The basis is a malleable substance available for reshaping through action. Curators' Agenda: Vienna 2016 is a residency program for International curators organized by BLOCKFREI in collaboration with the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Krinzinger Projekte.

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