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Curatorial Coordinators
Mahzabin Haque, Hadrien Diez
Shimul Saha & Zihan Karim

Fragments of the Anthropocene is an exhibition of installations, drawings, and video artworks. It presents two young Bangladeshi artists take on the Anthropocene, a term coined at the turn of the 21st century to designate the current geological era marked by the impact of human activity on Earth's systems and processes. Both born in the early eighties, Shimul Saha & Zihan Karim have lived most of their lives in Dhaka and Chittagong, which has profoundly influenced their practices. The Anthropocene is an age in which the individual is primarily confronted with loss: loss of (bio) diversity through debilitating diseases or physical pain of heritage through the incessant transformation of the cityscape and of creativity to conform to new behavioral codes and aggressive social norms induced by urbanization. Far from being resigned or nostalgic, Saha and Karim treat these issues with sensibility or scathing irony to deliver a powerful understanding of the age they live in.

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