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Mahzabin Haque
Dusan Reljin

Aftermath is an ongoing series of sculptural photographicinstallations. This first set of collections consists of 3 unique works thatshed light on a spectrum of perspectives, e.g., the co-existence of human andnon-human entities, our social and behavioral choices, and their consequences.The multifaceted concept of this project emerged from an intuitive and personalcore. It questions who we are becoming. It encourages us to open our senses andtruly embrace the gift of nature we are blessed with. It invites us to tap intoa higher spiritual frequency as a race and envision a non-hierarchical andcollective experience of life on earth by going beyond the margins of socialfabrications.


The collages are made of various materials on thephotograph of celebrated Canadian fashion model Eve Salvail, who has been theface of some of the most luxurious brands around the world. Eve Salvail isfamously known for head tattoos, and this photograph was taken by artist DusanReljin during a photoshoot on tattoos. The artist’s relationship with tattoosis an intimate one. To him, getting his first tattoo at the age of 40 was akind of initiation to a new world. Ever since, he has been captivated by thephilosophy of tattoos, an innate human desire to mark the skin. The collagesmade on the image can be interpreted as a juxtaposition of the artist’sspiritual belief and lived experience on earth.


Dusan Reljin is a celebrated fashion photographer born inSerbia and currently based between New York and Oslo. Before indulging in theworld of photography, Dusan was an established DJ, drummer, and art director.The eternal balance of light and shadow in Dusan’s work is a reflection of hisinner abstract and spiritual world. He quotes, “We are all light, but our existence starts in the shadow. A mirror ofthe universe from within ourselves. Light allows us to see, while shadow allowsus to create. Photography is the tool of alchemy manifesting this universalbalance through a fragment of time and exposing it into the ether.”


Dusan has collaborated with some of the prominent globalbrands: Gucci, Chanel, Cartier, Nike, Adidas, Helmut Lang, Lancome, Yves SaintLaurent, Rick Owens, Givenchy, Estee Lauder, l’Oreal, Rimmel, Covergirl, LeeJeans, Maxfactor, Paul & Joe, Missoni, MaxMara among many other. He alsocollaborated with leading magazines like Vogue (Italian, US, British, French,German, Spanish, Mexican, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian),Numero, Interview, W Magazine, GQ, Visionaire, ID Hunger, Dazed and Confused,Elle (US and French).


Artist Marina Abramovic and Venessa Beecroft, two of themost respected performance artist in the world, and the incredible music bandMassive Attack - Dusan collaborated with them intensely. His works arepermanently displayed at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the MetropolitanMuseum NYC (MET).


Beppe D’Elia is a globally celebrated Italian hair artistwhose natural vocation and affinities for Luxury, Haute Couture, FashionPhotography, and Celebrity styling are appreciated throughout cross-borders.Since he was very young, he collaborated with Milan’s and Paris’ outstandingfashion events. Some emblematic names of the times Beppe has collaborated withare Mr. Gianni Versace, Mr. Giorgio Armani, and Mr. Gianfranco Ferré. Tomention a few, Fendi, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana are still partners foralmost three decades of collaboration of excellence.





We are bombarded with aplethora of information from the media and our own personal experiences. Theresulting lack of communication and provocative modalities are causingunnecessary brutalities in our world and ourselves. This artwork symbolizes theongoing violence that has overshadowed the world around us today. With goodcommunication, we can tap into higher spiritual frequency as a race, guiding usthrough alternative ways of resolving conflicts. However, when we sync ourbrain to a lower frequency, the reptilian brain gets activated, and things likeprimary survival mode get triggered.


Aftermath #02


Insects are diverse,abundant, and ecologically and culturally vital to human and non-humanexistence on Earth. Science says it takes 200,000 insects to raise a swallowchick to adulthood. Without them, most birds and amphibians would go extinct intwo months. Insects are one of the chief agents behind pollination. They moveminerals between the layers of soil - replenishing them. They recycle nutrientsfrom the organic residue - feeding animals and other insects. Insectscontribute billions of dollars to agriculture, gardens, forests, and farmsglobally. Yet we do not see this contribution from the human perspectivebecause it looks different from our perspective. This artwork is an invitationto go beyond biases and appreciates other forms of life that are around us.

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